Springtime on the Springs of Florida Photos

On our trip to see the check in and start of the Everglades Challenge and do some sailing, we also took my canoe. With the help of Ken, a friend that lives in the Ocala Forest we set up shuttles for both Juniper Springs and Silver Springs. They are high on my list of favorite places to paddle. However, they are popular with many other people too. Weekends can be crowded. The upside to the crowds is the animals become very tolerant of the human activity. This is especially true of Silver Springs. Making it a wonderful place to take photos of the wildlife.

Enjoy the trip on the clear flowing waters.

Juniper Springs Run

Silver Springs

Tilapia on the nest.

Snake Bird (Anihinga) on the nest. There is a female lower left and male upper right.

Double Crested Cormorant on the nest.

You can see the double crest on the bird in the nest.

They seem to want the sticks found in and under the water for nest building.

Off to the nest.

Rare double headed turtle.

Mama gator with partial view of a baby in the middle of the photo.

Moor Hen calling.

Wood Duck hen feeding. They are a dabbler.

Six-hundred-year-old dugout canoe on the bottom that once paddled the springs.

Wood Duck drake.

Tricolor Heron on the prowl.

Spider Lily.

White immature Little Blue Heron.

Arrowhead in bloom.

Close up of the immature little blue. Compare it to the bird we saw on the coast.

This is the White form of the Reddish Egret which is rarely found outside of Florida.

A pair of Sandhill Cranes seem on our way to the springs. They are common in this area.

The line up.

Rusty took these photos.

A Snapping Turtles head by Rusty.

A mermaid…I mean Manette.

A breath of fresh air.

They do get big.

A Limpkin calling.

Two 12’ Adirondock canoes and a Wenonah Voyager in the middle. headed for the take out.


Nice! I am especially partial to Irises. Short lived flower but beautiful.


Great photos. No monkeys?

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I heard some were seen but we didn’t see any.

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The critters in the canoes were close enough.

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We didn’t do Juniper because the commercial shuttle is not operational and had only one car
Did do Silver and some up and back on the Ocklawaha which we loved as it was pretty teeming with wildlife and no people
Quite a few on the Silver but it wasn’t a weekend and not crowded really. You cam bring your own boat and use a Park shuttle for $15
I got a pic of a prehistoric Great Blue Heron from too close a stare down and failed to notice the lounging in the water gator till I was about ten feet away
He/she merely subnmerged
Have pics on pc of course no wifi
It’s been too hot for us!
We are going back North!


I would enjoy meeting you. I have enjoyed your knowledge of solo canoes over the years. We did bring my canoe and Ken had a parking pass for Rays landing. He also has a multi-boat trailer we use to set up our shuttles. He enjoys taking folks paddling and you certainly would have been welcome. Sissy was going to join us on the Silver but had a family member in the hospital while we were there. Next time you are in the area get in touch and I can connect y’all with him. I also like the Ocklawaha and have fished and paddled it when I lived in FL years ago.