Sprit of the Suwannee Music Park

Launched at the Sprit of the Suwannee Music Park , Live Oak, FL this weekend and paddled up the river 4 miles. We were on “puppy” time and couldn’t go much more before we had to let the new dog out of the trailer. Water was cold. Air was approaching 70 ish. In general the water was ours. Except for the cowgirls, a guy and the horses walking along the Florida Trail that goes by the river.

Water was 51.5 ft at White Springs. It was a little low but still in the 50 to 60ft range for good water.

the maple trees have set seeds already…it is spring’ish

If you want to go there is a $2 paddle boat launch fee. Included if you are “camping”. The Canoe Outpost is there to rent boats and shuttle you up river. Our 8 or so paddlers from the RV club decided it was too cold. Well good. It was easier paddling that way.

There is a treehouse on the property you can go see that was built by the Animal Planet Channel Treehouse Masters. https://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/treehouse-masters/

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Beautiful photos! I have paddled there several times.
Any photo with blue sky and white sand looks good as I sit here hoping the deluge stays out of the house. We are under a flood and tornado warning.

I have paddled from there several times too and actually camped in the primitive area of the Park ( yes there is one) for three days . Very quiet! This of course was in March not prime RV season