Spry skirt for 38 x 21

I have a 38 x 21 cockpit, which seems to be an oddball size. I like the Harmony Elite (saffron and black)…but they don’t seem to make it to fit this size cockpit. Harmony says the large fits a 35 x 20…is there any chance that one would “stretch” to fit a 38 x 21?

The Rec Deck spray skirts.

spray skirt
If you don’t mind making gear yourself, there is a real good article in the latest issue of “Sea Kayaker” magazine on making your own spray skirt.

I have the harmony top of the line touring skirt (point break). It’s a size large. I bought the Medium Elite first from REI because it matched the dimensions of my cockpit but when I tried it on it wouldn’t fit, way to small. So I ordered a large of the Point Break skirt. It fits. So I don’t think the Elite will fit if the cockpit is slightly bigger than the dimensions listed. It’s hard to buy a skirt online so make sure it’s returnable. I lost about $12 in shipping both ways…

If you can’t make one or find one

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contact Seals http://www.sealsskirts.com/index.html they still make custom sized skirts made to order and are still crafted in the U.S. Email


Not many of the larger companies that I know of can say that.


watch out with seals
Their custom stuff is probably OK, but if you order a stock size based on their web site chart, it may come in a huge one-size-fits-all drawstring deal that will never seal properly. I would have sent mine back, but I had to have SOME kind of a spray skirt, even if it is a pain to install and doesn’t seal well at all.

Where did you buy it?
All seals skirts are sized to fit the cockpit rim of your boat. Many stores order only one waist size because they don’t want to stock XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL sizes. If it doesn’t fit take it back and get the right one! That’s a lot of money for something that doesn’t fit!


DIY Spray Skirt
If you’re handy with your hands and tools then check out the article in the December issue of “Sea Kayaker” magazine. Has directions for making a spray skirt for any kayak.

Stay safe on the water

and remember
this skirt will have serious limitations in terms of implosion and big water. Wiii keep drips and light spray our thou and keep you warmen.