Spyderco salt knives

these are very spendy folding knives, seem ideal for sea paddling. they make pretty strong claims about the steel’s long term rust resistance.

anyone own one of these or a Spyderco knife in general? are they as good as their rep? other folders for sea use that deserve a look?

thanks to the critical users of gear as always.

love mine
I have an early proto type that I love. holds a good edge, opens with one hand and best of ALL: it’s 100% rust free after a couple years now of hard sea use. no rinsing, no babying, just lives in my PFD all the time.


Salt - Atlantic
I own a smooth-edge “Atlantic” Salt with yellow handle. Great knife. Use it on the SOT fishing Kayak and friends power boats when fishing or generally around salt water. I don’t give it any special care and it has zero rust after living with me in the south FL climate for about five years.

It has Spyderco’s famous rock-solid lock. I have never had it incidentally fold-up on me.

I don’t use it for an emergency knife, i.e., on my PFD. I much prefer a fixed serrated blade for that application.

I Am Sure…

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it will hold up to the claim. The blade that is. I would worry about the pivot bolt. If that is not made of a rustproof material, then that's where the rust will take place unseen.

Anyone take the knife apart for a looksee? Some of the less expensive spydercos use a rivet which doesn't allow for disassembly. Should not be the case with this knife.


I have owned my Spyderco since 1989 and have used it as a pretty large variety of tools. Its well made, hasnt rusted and because of the serrated blade has not been sharpened once since it was given to me.

stick that blade in a cup of salt water for a week and you’ll see it rust right before your eyes. Requires some modicum of care and maintenance to keep the old stainless steels from rusting.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Spyderco. Don’t even ask to see my collection, though I haven’t added on the salt water series yet. Haven’t felt the need since I prefer FB and have a titanium model on each of my PFDs and also a talonite FB which I actually just leave at home since I don’t care for the sheath as much.


What is FB?
I converted a Forschner (victorinox) kitchen boning knife into a kayaking knife. Made a sheath and belt out of nylon strap and gorilla glue.

Works great and holds a sharp edge even after being in salt water.

thanks all
so it seems they are up to their reputation. according to their website, the Salt series does have the same specialized metal used throughout, and it is claimed to perform, just as Flatpick says with no rinsing or care. as long as it is also very sharp and works well with one hand, i’ll be looking to pick one up. too bad they are so dam expensive!

I emailed them a couple years ago

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They said that it is not completely corrosion free like titanium, better resistance than their traditional knives, but still require care. They said they don't have immediate plans to produce a titanium knife, but maybe in a few years. Edge-holding is nearly on par with their traditional knives.

Plenty of titanium folders and sheath knives out there, check out a nearby dive shop, or diversdirect.com

I think some of the smaller titanium sheath knives meant for BC mount are perfect for kayakers to mount on pfds, in size, durability, blade function, positive locking of sheath, ease of deployment, etc.

In N. Calif., the Sport Chalet carries two fixed blade titanuim dive knives with solid sheaths with thumb releases. Pointed or flat tipped. Sharp serrated blades about 4". About $50.00.