square stern canoe

am still looking for a 16 ft aluminum canoe—let a square stern go as i did not know anythig about them—i would be strictly paddling–will a square stern handle same as a standard?–should i hold out for a standard?–thanks for any comments—dl

square stern canoe
Are you looking for a new one or a used one? If a used one will do I know where one is you can buy for probably $200. It was my father’s and now its sitting in my brother’s back yard. Located on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. If you’re interested contact me.

Sq stern handling
Tracking, or course keeping, is determined by fines of lines, best described mathematically by block co-efficient. The less of the block of waterline length, width and depth the hull fills the better it will track. Depending on whether the water is moving, we want a number between .4 and .5. Imagine what that square stern does to computations.

A second factor is the stern as rudder. It compensating for the evil tendency of stern paddlers carry the paddleblade behind their bodies. A long stern dampens the turning moment of this sweeping end to an otherwise good forward stroke. Cut the stern off the boat, loose ruddering affect, and enjoy all four sides and corners of the lake.

Square stern canoes are for fishermen who use motors and, probably, live bait. Paddlers need two pointy ends.

Reply to JC
Thank you so much JC for the interest and reply. However I failed to state my location which is in Dallas TX. Ohio would be too far. Tahnks again

Note to C. Wilson
Wow!! Mr. Wilson (or should I say Dr. Canoe) thanks for a great, comprehensive, reply. The S. Stern is now “out”.

To add to CWilson’s post
If you are going to paddle a lot of water, you will undoubtedly come upon a moment or two (or hundreds) when you are in need of back-paddling or maneuvering while paddling backwards. A square-stern makes this far more interesting than you will ever want it to be.


square stern
And heavier, too. Usually about 10 to 15 lbs as the transom is strenghtened to take a motor. With a classic canoe, adding a motor mount is not difficult, should you find it necessary. Taking that weight off with a square stern isn’t possible.

Loaded too many heavy canoes in my life.