Square stern

I’m curious what the opinion is on these canoes. You’ll see my other post. My wife comes from family of bass fisherman and is all over the square stern for the motor. I’d like to know the thoughts on this canoe as a paddler.

Thank you.


Not as responsive
Decide if you can live with a canoe that is not as responsive as double tapered canoe of the same length. Also, when you go over ledges, you can get a bit of a bump instead of a nice slide off.

If you’re thinking of putting on a trolling motor, go for it. Pure paddlers will frown. Just decide if you’re the sort of a person who cares whether paddling purists frown. If so, if you’re looking for ‘the best’, then not for you. If not, and what you’re looking for is ‘good enough’, then a square stern canoe may be just the ticket. I love mine.

Also, they’re heavy! You’re not going to find square stern canoes made out of high performance materials. They’re not meant for high performance use. They’re meant for reliable day-to-day ‘good enough’ use. And at that, they’re a very nice and useful compromise between a canoe and a jon boat.

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Agree. If you want to both paddle and
motor, most side mounts for canoes will hold up to a two horse gas motor, though I hate the smell of gas. For a trolling motor, the side mounts are great, and not too expensive.

Just dont plan on paddling it backwards.

or not very far.

My wifes stern
is a little on the square side but it paddles just fine !

I’ve the round stern model. A bit
blunt when running over my faults.

A long time ago I had a Canadian built square stern canoe. It was fiberglass and was not the typical cut off stern. It was designed as a square stern and looked more like a double ender with the motor mount formed onto the stern. I dont know the brand or whether it is still made but it was a very good boat. The rear mounted motor on a narrow boat puts you in a somewhat awkward seating position. An extension handle helps.

A radio controled trolling motor
solves that problem. Nice and quiet too.

Money being no object.

Ya can’t take it with ya !
Spend the rent money on your boat, Don’t look back, use earplugs for the wifes objections !

She’ll get over it, or better yet buy her something too so she won’t be too mad for too long !

Seriously though the Motorguide
wireless 45# thrust model is not expensive at all, and two (easy to carry) 35 amp hour batteries will scoot a sleek canoe or kayak around all day. I have one on my Cobra Maurader.

Good Square Stearns
If you are looking for high end Square Sterns, Wenonah makes the Bluegill in Tuf-weave, Kev-Flex, and Kev-UL. It’s a nice paddling canoe and in UL, super light.

Esquif Canoes makes 3 lengths of square sterns in Royalex. The smallest being the Mallard which is only 12’ and 46 pounds, a great pickup truck canoe and the Cargo being the largest at 17’ and 95lbs.

Paddling a Square Stern can only be described as having a loose rear end. Your correctional strokes are hyper exaggerated. A lot of these boats will have center seats. Rowing a square stern is fun and effective.

Second the rowing
I built a rowing station in mine and it’s great. I can solo a 16’ long, 40" beam canoe and still turn it quickly and easily. Balances nicely with me in the center, too.

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