Squeaky minicell foot brace

It’s three inches thick and I love it for leg/foot comfort and the great support for the forward stroke, but the darn thing squeaks.

I’m guessing maybe the contact between the minicell and ABS is the culprit. I sprayed the foot brace last night with 303, but won’t be paddling that boat until Wednesday. If that doesn’t work, any ideas? Think duct/Gorilla tape along the edge would help?

I can live with it, but I’ll be paddling in a class and don’t want to be a waterborne paraiah.


Hmmmm…industrial velcro? Would attach it and prevent direct contact. The adhesive backed velcro may or may not stick to the minicell…never tried it.

Does it come out still, or did you glue it in? If it’s removable you could try putting something between the plastic and foam - like felt, or better yet something that will dry easily but not squeak when rubbed on either. It’s also a non-chemical option you won’t have to repeat often like the 303, if it in fact makes a difference.

No glue; I left the OEM Sea-Dog foot braces in. Brace fits tightly against them (as well as block of foam for the center), but can be removed. I’ll pull the boat off the stands, set it on the ground and check it later on - but don’t have much hope for the 303.

Didn’t think of using fabric. Do have a 12" x 12X square of thin neo with nylon backing. Maybe I’ll try a couple strips of that, using double sided tape as a temp attachment.

Thanks for the ideas.

Rookie— We often use “peel and strip” caulking as a semi-permanent gluey type thing. We use it in the groove of some cheapie storm window inserts to hold it in place better. No more rattle, more confident that they won’t fall/blow out in our high winds.

Thanks, Yooper. Used to use the same caulking before I had all my windows replaced with energy efficient thermopane. It may be too thick, however, as the brace is a tight fit.

Sat in it tonight in my porch and no squeaks, so maybe… On the other hand, I had done self-rescue practice yesterday and the seat had not dried out. It should be drier now. :expressionless: