Squeeeeeeeeking Gunwale

Wow it’s aggrivating to have a squeek ever time I take a stroke! I have a MR Explorer with the IQ2 gunwale. It has been great the past 3 months of owning it. However this past Saturday I noticed it squeeks when I paddle solo. Every stoke squeeeek here and squeeeek there… my wife didn’t believe me so I brought her out on Sunday. NOTHING, not one squeek when we paddle together! I had put some 303 on it the day before and that may have lubed up the squeek. I hate to have to lube it up to make it go away. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

I obviously need some advice. I need to know if their is A.)something I can do to get rid of my solo squeek or B.) make sure it squeeks tandem so I can get my wife feeling sorry for me (I do like the looks of the Bell NorthStar).

Maybe there are some screws that need tightening

I thought and I thought and then I
finally came up with the answer.

Make her paddle it solo.

If she hears it, then you get the Bell.

If she doesn’t then she knows you are a no good rotten liar and will do anything to get the Bell and she will never trust you again.



Find every nut and bolt on the canoe and tighten them. I have this happen from time to time with my canoes. Like anything where two pieces meet they will have a tendency to work a bit loose. My guess is it’s the seat your wife was in since you didn’t hear it when she joined you. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes but take the screwdriver and wrench with you when you go on the water and if you still hear it pull over and tighen some more. Good luck.


Paddle retaining nut…
…adjust the nut holding the paddle.

Might be sand?
I’ve heard sand between the hull and gunwales can cause squeaks. Maybe spray it at a coin-op car wash to get anything out?

Don’t really know, though.

Thanks for the advice!
I checked and I did have a screw loose… the doctors have been telling me this for years but I found it! It was holding the front seat in.

Interesting about the sand. I am in sand constantly. I will keep an eye on that! Thanks again for the advice.

Un screw the seat, thwart and yoke
and put a coating of clear silicone caulk on your wood pieces where thay come in contact with the plastic gunwhale. Allow them to cure for 24 hours then reassemble.

I have a Dagger Legend that does the same thing. This seems to work, but not forever. It eventually wears off and you have to recoat.