Sri Lanka, south end. Where, who?

Anyone with experience day paddling off the south coast coast of Sri Lanka? I will be there in January without a boat so have to rent equipment.

sri lanka
Try Eco Team Sri Lanka. They have a web site. Vaughn Fulton

Buy a folding or inflatable kayak
Solves the rental problem.

Try this company

Contact them and see if you solo for a.month with no guide.

I.did before in Thailand…for a month solo. Talked company in letting me take yak down coast to Malaysia and didn’t have to pay for a guide.

Email them your experiences…usually we westerners have far more than all their guides combined.

Do they have decked kayaks?
Just wondering…

No decked only perceptions, all singles except one double, plus all gear you need for a month solo. Great trip, I camped on many huge islands, nearly 100 acres in size that were deserted, 200 yard long sandy beaches and being the only one there…let’s go!