Has anyone had much dealings with Simon Rver sports

I tried to order a seat for my EFT and they said they had to have my social security number

That sounded a little strange to me

yes, strange
I have never had any dealings with this company, but in general I would never give my SS# out to a retailer for a purchase. Were you trying to open an account (like a credit card) with this company?

Try Grayson at,
KayakPro, he might have a seat that he can ship you, and being in NY you won’t have any issues. Seat installation is the same for both, his has a slightly higher back. If he doesn’t have one he’ll have to probably get it from China and that could take a while. That’s a similar seat to what is in the Nelo’s and identical to what the Vampire, Jet has, carbon, kevlar, lightweight and sliding adjustments.


Seat Height
Also be sure to inquire as to seat height. The hung seat in the EFT is very low; raising it considerably via some of the aftermarket seats will likely affect its center of gravity (but give you better leverage for your stroke, a la surf ski). A consideration would be to avoid being so high that you couldn’t wedge your knees under the cockpit coaming to roll it. That stock hung seat is on the short side, and pretty narrow. Maybe it’s me, but the seats in the Nelo Razor and Jets feel like you’re perched way up there, especially the Razor.

Can be adjusted,
at installation, all the depends how wide the installer leaves the mounting board that the seat mounts on, narrow= close to hull, wide= higher.


Blame the US
Hi, I worked for SRS as a rep until recently. The SSN requirement is for customs, and has nothing to do with SRS per se. It is a part of post 9/11 attempts to better track shipments across the borders.

You definitely need to be aware that swapping out your seat can have a big impact on your stability in your boat. Even 1/2" can be huge. That said, a K-1 seat is ideal for efficient paddling. In addition to SRS and KayakPro, Nelo (of Portugal) sells their seats. They have a great selection and a great reputation.


just hope
just pray to the shipping gods that, if you do buy from Canada, UPS doesn’t hit you with their outrageous ‘brokerage’ charge. It’s a true scam and the reason I won’t use UPS unless there’s no other choice.

I bought a boat from SRS
I bought a delphine from SRS, but it was here in the US during a training camp they had a lake lanier. One of my paddling club also bought a boat from them and they seem very legitimate.