SS hardware source ?

Looking for good online source (w/ reasonable shp fee)to obtain 6inch bolts, nuts, & finish washers to replace my seat hardware.

Any recommendations ?



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Wat more kin' ah' say...

Look under - "Fastening and Sealing; then Bolts, Nuts and Washers"


here’s two
We acquire 6" 10-25 machine screws from Fastenal. They’ll have 1/4 in ss carriage bolts too.

McMaster’s Karr will also have them.

bolt depot
I’ve had good results with

Very fast from order time to your front door, 1 or 2 days.


I found SS hardware for my rod holder at Sears.


Or you can get complete sets of 6"
bolts/washers/locking nuts - from

Jamestown distributors
they will have it.


McMaster Carr is great as is MSC
Industrial Supply

Bolts & Nuts
If you’re looking for regular 6" seat bolts, contact your canoe dealers. They will have the proper cup washers, which can be harder to obtain without diligent searching.

False Economy ???
Unless its an obsure head you want … MMC is pretty expensive for common stuff you can find @ your local Ace / True Value.

Marine stores
I’ve had good luck finding SS hardware at local marine supply stores.

Look it up and you might find a local supplier. We are pretty remote and we have a supplier here along with Ace Hardware.

Sears Hardware
Around dis here parts Sears Hardware usually has a decent seelectoon of SS hardware exceptin’… 6" SS bolts. Last year ah’ ordered a bulk supply o’ des here bolts (an’ every other size bolt, nut, washers, screws, etc., dat ah’ might ever have need fer) fro’ McMasters-Carr. Iffin’ yer go ta a marine store dem might have it but yer pay 5 times as much.