St. Augustine Paddling

Leaving next week to paddle and fish in the Misquito Lagoon/Banana River area. I’ve paddled this area often, but will be staying in St. Augustine this time. Any suggestions for paddling in the immediate St. Augustine area.


Launch at the boat ramp
On the way to Velano there is a boat ramp that is close to the inlet. You can launch there and play in the rough stuff if that is what you like. If not there is beautiful flat water all over the place. The surf is good at velano beach but you’ll want a cart to get your boat to the good spots.

Haven’t been there in over 10 years but I bet the conditions are still the same.

A great place to see . . .
We stayed at the little private motel directly across from the city Marina on the harbor. Got up and walked across the street with our boats at dawn. Paddled the harbor and saw Castillo De San Marcos. The lighting and scenery, the historical setting - all were spectacular!

Check with local outfitters, because the tidal currents in the harbor - particularly out toward the sound - can be tricky, especially with wind. I hired an outfitter-guide and had the grand tour.

St. Augustine
Thanks guys. Sounds good.

paddlin Salt Run…
The best launch spot is right in front of the Lighthouse on Anastasia Island. There’s a nice beach and plenty of parking.

If you try to launch at the Vilano ramp, you’ll be sharing a concrete ramp with lots of power boats.

I Remember When Anastasia Beach Was…
I remember when Anastasia Beach was a drive-on beach like Daytona. The longest drive-on beach on the East Coast. During the week you could find a spot to yourself and surf naked

You can’t anymore?
You can’t drive on the beach? What a shame. How do you get all your stuff out there?

When we were there two years ago
you could.

There were entrances and exits at different places