st croix river in aug?

st croix river maine/NB is there enough water in the river for a trip this weekend?

Google "canoeing St. Croix River"
and you will be reassured that there is enough water through the summer and into the fall. I’m not sure why that is… the gauge on USGS behaves as if the stream is dam controlled with steady release.

St croix river beetween maine and New Brunswick, a totally different river. but thanks anyways.

I meant Maine. I almost ran it myself
this June when I was in the area. If you Google Maine St.Croix River canoeing you will find all the info you need.

Oh, I’ve done the other St. Croix also.

simple answer is yes usually
The St. Croix is dam controlled and usually the company that owns the dam releases enough water year round—for more information you can call or write the Engineering Department, Domtar Paper Company, Baileyville Maine 04694–tel no. 207-427-3311

BTW I get the feeling you haven’t done a lot of this kind of stuff—My advice would be to buy a copy of the AMC River Guide to Maine—it has a great description of this trip and many others.

FYI St Croix is mostly continous class I and easy II white water–only a couple of class III drops at little falls and kellyland—most people who run it take out at the American side on across from loon bay lodge.

thats because for the past 100 years
or so it has been dam controlled.

I will call domtar.