st. croix river

anyone familiar with kayaking on the st. croix river, mn/wi border? have seen some easy waters down from taylor falls area. is there a company for shuttling gear in the area?

St. Croix
I’ve canoe camped the St. Croix several times, but not the section you mentioned. From what I understand, the section below Taylor Falls is bigger water and has some powerboat traffic. It’s also somewhat less scenic. The best trip is the 81 miles from Trego Dam on the Namekagon, down to Highway 70 on the St. Croix. There are some sections of easy rapids on this trip. If you want to avoid any rapids, the 30 mile flatwater section of the St. Croix from Riverside to Nelson’s Landing is a good one. There are numerous primitive and one or two developed camping spots along the way. There are also numerous shuttle and rental operators for that section. I’m not sure about the lower section you mentioned though.

Here’s a link that might help you:

More on the Saint Croix…
There’s a real variety of paddling available on the Saint Croix. It’s officially “wild and scenic,” and much of it really is both.

I agree the Namekagon is nice, but the Saint Croix is also nice paddling right from the very beginning at Solon Springs. It’s mostly flatwater or slackwater until you get to the Gordon Dam. But some nice scenery, and not too developed.

From there to Riverside, you’ll find plenty of rapids. Some can be pretty wild in the spring. But in August, this might be a stretch to avoid.

From the rest of the way on down, most rapids are pretty mild. A few exceptions here and there if it’s high water. Still fairly quiet until about Nevers Dam. From there on down, you’ll see a few small boats on summer weekends.

After Taylors Falls, more boat traffic in the summer. But still tolerable spring and fall – until you get to Stillwater. After that, it’s BFB territory.

If you live in this part of the country, however, the upper part of the river is definitely worth checking out.


Below Taylors Falls paddling is OK
I started not too far south of Taylor’s Falls last year. The water wasn’t moving too fast but it was a pretty good trip. You can see a few pictures here:!OpenDocument

Wild Mountain does some shuttling and rentals. I agree the water far north of Taylors Falls is a little more interesting.


Hi, I live in St Croix Falls
and know the area below the dam well…it’s a popular day float on the week-ends…there can be dozens of canoes on a hot summer day…there’s a guy named Eric who set’s up a canoe rental truck at the Polk County Information Center

at the junction of WI 8 and 35 who does shuttles…since there are canoe rentals I’m sure there are also other shuttles…

Don’t worry about that picture of the guy whitewater kayaking…that’s below the bridge between TF and St Croix…they’ve done Olympic trial there in the spring…in summer I often kayak from the WI side of the Interstate Park…it’s 1/2 a mile from my house!

Shameless plug time…here are pictures taken below Taylors Falls…

Someone who’s never canoed a day in their life can canoe the St Croix below TF/St Croix Falls…I love it, myself…what are you planning?