St Croix Stream to Aroostook River, ME

I’m posting this here as well as on NPMB. I’m looking for information on the St. Croix Stream, not be confused with the St. Croix River. I’ve looked at the maps and have actually been at the confluence with the Aroostook but have never done it. Anyone out there familiar like with this stream? From the AMC Guide it’s listed as a large stream and canoeable with some class II/III in the middle sections. Am looking a maybe taking a shot at it next spring down to Masardis and continuing down on the Aroostook to Washburn.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Haven’t done it, but will see what I can
find out for you. I have a friend who won’t sea kayak (I think he’s afraid of the skirt!), but will take a canoe down or across any type of fresh water. I’m sure he’s familiar with the St. Croix Stream.

Many Thanks
Sedna, I would appreciate that. It’s one of those pipe dreams but more times than not they come true!


Caught up with Kyle today.
Much to my surprise, he hasn’t paddled the St. Croix Stream. He suggested checking the AMC River Guide, Maine for info. I found the stream on the DeLorme Map - looks like a good trip with a couple of campsites. There’s a railroad track along the length of the stream. Hopefully abandonned for the sake of peace and quiet.