St. John Flow???

Any folks with info on water level? I know that general knowledge says that the river drops too much after the first week of June. But I’ve heard some old timers say that, except for a mile or two, the paddling is fine all summer. I can’t find any H20 guage info anywhere. Thanks.

Too shallow in summer?
A few years ago we were considering a trip on the St John in July, but the guide that we contacted advised aganst it. He told us it we’d be walking most of the way, so we stuck with the Allagash.

It made no difference to him if he drove us to either river, so I see no reason to discount what he said.

St. John river flow data table
try this website……it should work. The recomended minimum water is 3100cfs, I just did the St. John the week of May 21-27, 2005. The water was running around 6600cfs when we started and dropped to about 5900cfs at the end of the week. As of today 6/15/05 the river is at 2800cfs. Hope this was helpful.