St. John River Maine

Hi All:

Does anyone know of a good book about the St. John River in Maine? I am exploring a future canoe trip there, but have yet to find a book. Thanks!


there isnt one
But a good description can be had from the Allagash and St. John River map available from DeLorme Mapping Company in Yarmouth. Dont leave home without this map; its a good one.

Also is covered in the AMC River Guide:Maine but there are lots of other rivers there too and the price is too steep for the two pages covering the St. John.

Its getting too late to run. I havent checked the gage at Dickey though Usually runnable for about three weeks till the first week in June. Not dependable for a mid summer paddle. Our group usually does it May 14-20 or so.

Its about four days from Baker Lake to the confluence with the Allagash.

St John River
Go to your library and check out their books by John McPhee. In one collection he did a fabulous job of reporting on his trio on the St John. I think it might have been in “Pieces of the Frame”, but it’s been a while. It’s well worth tracking down.

Steve Baker

New Lenox IL

Thanks Steve. I’ll look for him.

also use local knowledge
Maine does not like to publicize itself. Norm L’Italien at Pelletiers Campgrounds or Sean Lizotte at Allagash Outfitters can give you information on the St. John. Tales of river trips are wonderful education but since the river changes year to year historical stories may not give you the most up to date scoop. The ice jams this year were fifty feet high at Allagash village for example and may have changed the river(they moved a house for sure)

You will find a shuttle beneficial unless you fly in. On the St. John the May dates make the roads very slippery and the crews have not yet been able to repair the washouts on the access roads. Driving your own car in is highly inadvisable.