St John, USVI

My wife and I are going to spend the first week of March at Maho Bay on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It will not be a paddling vacation, but I would like to get in at least some paddling while I’m there.

It appears that Maho Bay rents SOTs but it is pretty steep $35/half day;$60 all day. There is an outfitter Arawak that does guided tours in SINKs - whole day is $90/person. We will likely spend one day doing a tour with them.

Is anyone familiar with options in the area? Does Arawak do straight rentals or just guided tours? I will call and ask but curious of others experiences. Any other vendors that I should check with? Paddling clubs in the area?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Please do a trip report
Sorry, can’t help you with your quesiton, but kind of ironic I was thinking of paddling and VI just yesterday.

Please report back to all of us!

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

The last I was at Maho was 91 I think
and even then they had SOTs. I never rented them since there was at the time a limit as to how far you could take them…not far.

The market is for people who have never kayaked before I think.