St. Lawrence paddling

I have been paddling on the St. Lawrence River since last October in an Old Town Loon 160T, and I’ve been having a great time. I haven’t done many long paddles, but I’ve been slowly building my stamina and I’m planning a short weekend trip in August, putting in at Wellesley Island, paddling to Canoe Point on Grindstone Island.

I’d love to hear from anyone about which of the Canadian islands near Canoe point would be fun for me to visit. I expect to spend two days exploring the area around Canoe point.

Canadian Coast Guard -

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Might want to check rules of setting foot on
Canadian land without passing thru "customs" checkpoint.

Be prepared to internationally identify yourself.
You may want to get an authorization number issued
without requiring you to go to the mainland first.
If you cannot produce an authorization number,
it's called "Non-Reporting", and the fines are steep.
You may be guilty of unauthorized entry onto
foreign country soil and Border Services will frown.

Do the homework and recognize foreign laws.

I’m aware of that, thanks
I know about the rules for reporting. I plan to call in from Canoe point before I set out. Any thoughts about islands not to be missed in that area?

Cataraqui Canoe Club
Are you aware of this paddling group on the Kingston, Ontario, side of the river, the Cataraqui Canoe Club?

A good friend of fine is a very active member (and national champion kayaker) and I have paddled with them in the past (I am in the US some distance away). Great sociable folks with lots of outings who know all those local waters really well. If it is practical for you to do so, you might want to consider going to one of their meetings or joining them for an outing or two. I can’t think of a better resource for information about paddling that area.

Awesome connection, thank you so much. I will definitely check it out.

Wonderful people – found them to be friendly and welcoming to newcomers. They are active year round, paddling in fair weather and snowshoeing and XC skiing in the cold. At the time I paddled with them the group ranged from mid-20’s to into their 70’s, all very energetic. In fact, a 72 year old guy in a pack canoe cleaned my clock on the Rideau Canal (I was in a kayak)!

I will send you a private message with my friend’s name in the CCC.