ST Lawrence Seaway

Bing hosts the St Lawrence today:

The purpose of this post was
to take me to another search engine?

Sometimes DK your posts are worthless

aha !
I had assumed Bing catalogued each day’s home page…that’s the home page for that day - The Seaway.

Bing’s photo and video collections are superb.

Today I discovered, from a post similar to yours…that Bing is not cataloguing the home page subject.

the link takes you to today’s page what ever…not a specific page eg The St L Seaway.

I haven’t but the interest requires a Bing search.

I am confused by Bing’ software vagueness …especially at the homepage.

Bing nuance

– Last Updated: May-05-15 7:31 AM EST –

Open the link. The item you referenced was 4 days ago.

Go to the lower right corner and press the back arrow 3 times.

Bing is tenacious. It can be hard to get rid of once you open it in Windows 8.1.

I write Bing
Bung. ehehheyayayya. BUNG

I doahn no Bung. Bung’s home page coughs up a great travel info layout every morning. Bung’s Agenda I know not.

With Google, Utube et al I cannot use audio with out getting hassled. At some point I would move into an online privacy area.

Google utube recently came up with faked backgrounds moving with the intended original video. I assume there is audio with this as I see mouths move.

I came for information not…BS from Googlers. The unwanted Googling IMHO is criminal with or without intent.

So far with Bung watching Bung’s excellent travelogery,

that’s perfect.

Haven’t had a chance to check on sea kayaking east of Montreal…I’ll go look later.

All his posts are useless
If you would ignore him like most of the long time posters here do, he just might go back into his cave!