St. Louis Pass, TX Kayaking / Surfing?

I am fairly new to TX, having moved here about a year ago. I have been looking for a good spot for rough water paddling and surfing and this week I came across St. Louis Pass south of Galveston. Super cool spot. Lots of waves and good current it seems, at least it was today and yesterday on the ebb tide.

Anyone paddle here? This seems to be exactly what I have been looking for in TX. Not sure how the conditions vary with tides, wind and swell. This week had a spring tide on the ebb which I imagine is ideal; however, the winds were blowing with the current rather than against it.

I plan to come back here again, but it’s a bit of a drive. Are the conditions any good when not on an ebb tide? It’s possible that I just hit it on a good week. Waves were short in period, fairly steep and about 3-4 foot at the mouth of the inlet. Good for surfing.



Suggest you check in with the members of HASK (Houston Area Sea Kayakers). When I have visited, HASK members guided us to surf the beaches near Lake Jackson.

Apparently San Luis Pass area is good conditions, however very prone to extremely poor to dangerous water quality due to pollution especially in the summer during ebb tides.