St Lucie Inlet State Park (Fla)

I’m thinking of taking a paddle with my wife and son this sunday (7/9) to St Lucie Inlet State Park. It looks like the best launch area is the small beach area at the end of Cove Rd. Is that correct? If so, will parking be a problem? We’ll look to get there around 9am.



Paddled there once
and yes I was instructed to park and launch at the end of Cove Road. I guess the lot holds maybe 4-6 cars across, the beach is maybe 20 yards across grass to a sandy beach. I think, I remember other cars parked along side of cove road in non marked spaces. No fees or meters at the time. I paddled to the right of the launch thinking it was the correct direction for the inlet and after about 2 miles landed, walked through some sea oats to the ocean. I later learned the inlet and park is straight across and to the left. I would next time paddle straight across to the dock and check it out from there.




St Lucie Inlet
don’t overlook places like the end of Horseshoe Point Road in Port Salerno. It will give you access to those backwaters out near the inlet. Lots of wildlife in there. Cove road = crowds, traffic, lots of exposure. What are you paddling?

Two Ocean Kayaks SOTs…

I’ll look up horseshoe road

Port Salerno
Where are you coming from. Where do you live down there. I lived for 15 yrs. in Jensen Bch. So I know the waters well.

Sunday Paddle
Well??, did you go? How was it?

darn! wish i had seen this
a few days ago.

i did psl inlet last january, and just this spring. i could have given you actual details of the “interior”…

also, the savannahs preserve just north of there is absolutely gorgeous (if they ahve water again).

sorry i missed you, hope it was grand. :slight_smile: