St Mary's River - Florida - need info

Hello Again!

In Feb or March 2011 I am looking to plan a trip for my kayak group (all experienced long-distance paddlers/campers) down the St Mary’s river in Florida starting at Hwy 121 just north of Macclenny, FL and travel to the coast - Atlantic Ocean. We will paddle leisurely 20-mile days but could add mileage if needed to make it to a campsite.

Need help with logisitcs:

  1. We’d like to leave our vehicles near the coast so when we finish our trip our vehicles will be within walking distance. Suggestions for accessible and safe places to leave vehicles needed.

  2. Above will require a shuttle from near the Atlantic to put in at Hwy 121 - any suggestions for outfitters?

  3. 1st half of trip we probably won’t have trouble finding campsites. 2nd half as we near coast need suggestions for campsites and/or hotels/cabins/B&B near/on the river.

  4. Is Ft Clinch a good place to make campsite reservations?

    If anyone has done the whole river or parts, we’d appreciate feedback and advice.

Ft. Clinch is a good
place to make reservations. Best make them now.

Riverside has shade, beachside does not.

Wish I could help further, but I can’t.


Leave your vehicles in St. Marys.
I don’t know what you’ll do if you paddle all the way to the ocean… Paddle back? You could get a reservation to camp on Cumberland on your turn-around night.

Or, hitch a ride on the periscope of a missile sub.

Thx for the info
We decided to base camp in the Okeefenokee Swamp and do day trips for our next trip. St Mary’s will be on the agenda for 2012 trip. Want to do the whole river and will figure out logistics for places to camp/shuttles for the last 40 miles as we approach the coast. Spendong time on Cumberland Island may also be an option/alternative to paddling the who;e St Mary’s.

Thanks again for the info.