St. Regis Portages

We’re heading to the St. Regis Canoe Area in a week or so and planning to base camp on St. Regis Pond and canoe out from there. I’m wondering if the portages in general are usable with a portage cart. Thanks


SRCA portages
W/ a very few exceptions the portages (called “carries” in the Adks)in SRCA & nearby ponds S of RR tracks are all very wheelable. The ponds are so close however, w/ so many loops available from a base camp on St Regis pond that it’s easier to day trip them leaving your gear behind. In that event it’s hardly worth wheeling an empty canoe IMO

The marked, official carry into St Regis from Little Clear is wide & wheelable. There’s an alternative shorter but rougher trail there you may wish to explore w/o wheels ? You’ll find it’s start 50 yds N of the official landing @ a flat grassy area. It heads uphill & reaches the extreme SE bay of St Regis @ a crude dock. This bay is connected to main body of pond by very short navigable channel. It’s been yrs since I’ve taken the SR-Ochre trail as it’s simple & scenic to lift over fish barrier dam & paddle outlet into Ochre.

If you get the chance & wanna stretch your legs climb SR and/or Lond Pond mtns for great view of the neighborhood. Enjoy !

All the carries in that area I have been on are wheelable and draggable. No mountain goat stuff or boulder climbs.

The danger spots are mostly exposed roots and, in wet seasons, mud and goo.

Thanks Glen and Glenn
I was, in fact, mostly wondering about the carry from Little Clear to St. Regis. I can carry my pack and Merlin II, but Lori at 5’2" and 115lbs would love to be able to wheel around her Magic and we can load it up with base camp gear. We should be there from 9/13 or 14 through 9/17 or 18.

camping regs
Although one of the great joys of Adk paddling is the minimal regulations, one of the very few of them mandates you obtain a free permit in order to spend more than 3 consecutive nights in same campsite. Of course you can avoid this by simply moving camp & there are many great one to chose from on St Regis

Thanks Glen
Do you have a favorite site on St. Regis?

SRCA Carries
Little Clear to St. Regis Pond is easily wheelable as are all the carries out to Upper Saint Regis Lake(aka Seven Carries).

The carry from St. Regis to Ochre has some deadfall, as previously mentioned you can take the outlet from the fish barrier dam and paddle down the West Branch of the St. Regis River. The first 10’ or so is shallow, but the bottom is solid. There are two beaver dams that you’ll need to liftover.

Ochre to Fish Pond is not as easy, but possible. The trail follows a ridge on top of an esker. The Fish Pond end is somewhat steep, but only for about 30’.

I wouldn’t consider using a cart on the side trail into Mud Pond. The eastern end is steep and the landing is a little boggy. The carry from Mud Pond to Fish Pond isn’t really cart friendly either.

You can bypass the carry into Little Fish Pond by paddling, lining a few feet, and then lifting over a fallen pine tree (note the Carry sign attached to the tree LOL).

To get to Little Long Pond(west or aka Big Fox Pond) it’s up and over a forty foot esker, definitely not cart friendly, but short.

The Lydia Pond, Kit Fox Pond, and Nellie/Bessie Pond carries are cartable. I am not sure about Fish Pond to Clamshell, but the Clamshell to Long Pond carry is closed due to excessive windfall.

The longest carry in the SRCA is from Nellie/Bessie to Long Pond at 1.6 mile, which IMO is not cart friendly.

If you have time take the Lake Trail up St. Regis Mtn. The water accessable trailhead is located in Spring Bay off Upper Saint Regis Lake. Look for a small white dock and a blue disk trail marker at the trailhead. Initially, follow the yellow blazing to go to the summit. The other trail marked with small white disks goes to the Spectacle Ponds and north.


Thanks Gunney
We do plan to hike St. Regis Mtn. And I guess, depending on the water levels, boat or carry to Ochre and maybe just hike into Fish Pond. Do you have a favorite campsite on St. Regis Pond?