St. Regis - Where to go

Hi all - I posted a message some time ago about some tripping ideas in Adirondack Park with my wife and son. Thank you all for your many suggestions. We think what we’re going to do is put in at the parking lot at the bottom of Upper St. Regis Lake and work the 7 carries route backwards a bit toward Beaver Pond, Little Long Pond, and Green Pond. Any suggestions as to favorite campsites, interesting side trips, days when it might be less crowded, or ideas from the more experienced would be helpful and appreciated.


to do
the 7-carries route can be done in a day so there’ll be many day-trippers during the weekend. you can try to go during the end of the black fly season in the hopes that the threat of the flies will keep most people away, and pray the fly population won’t be a problem. it’s a gamble that i’m taking this year. i’ll be doing the long lake to tupper lake trip and i’ve been checking on the status of black flies often.

camp white pine, one of several “great camps” in the adk, is within driving distance of where you’ll be. i’m not sure if they conduct tours during the week, tho.

did u get the adk (not the mountain club, which uses the same initials,) paddler’s map? in addition to the water routes, it shows the hiking trails, too.

if you haven’t already, give st. regis canoe outfitters or raquette river outfitters a call. they can really help you fine tune your trip with route, campsites, and trip suggestions.

7 Carries
Have paddled the seven carries a few times. Took me 4-5 hours at steady pace in slow pack canoes and faster in a longer solo canoe. Consider starting at the State boat launch in the middle of Paul Smith’s College. This will add Lower St Regis Lake and Spitfire Lake to your proposed start on upper St. Regis.

Across the street, by Paul Smith’s entrance, there is a small pond called Church Pond. It connects to a larger lake by a neat canal followed by a stream. Many hours of fine paddling that you can add to your trip.

Enjoy your trip.