St Simons GA

Hubby and I are going to St Simons, Ga for a weekend soon. Anybody have suggestions for good places to paddle around there?

We looked under ‘go paddling’ on, but we need more details about put in and take out places.


For a short visit, I would hook up with

I’m sure they would support you either on their tours or if you prefer to go on your own.

We found this true on Tybee. Using a local outfitter got us in action quickly. Only later did we scout out more access points and routes on our own.

where to padle
Saint Simmons Island is a great place to paddle but words of caution. I believe it was Bloody Marsh that we paddled in a canoe. Experienced paddlers that we were, we checked in with a paddle outfitter in town who advised us where to put in, approximately how long it would take to Pelican beach(?) and when we had to start on the eb tide so that there would be enough water to make the trip. The tides are substantial (8 feet if I recall correctly) and the currents swift. The pullout is at the park beach on the Atlantic side of the island not far from the putin area. Also did a trip from the north end of the island on the Jones Creek/River to the South Altahamma (sp) to a Marina Restaurant called Two-Way Fish Camp, which is north of Brunswick. (one way paddle). Lots and lots of really big alligators along the way. I mean really big! And there are lots of oyster beds, so wear the shoes. And if it nears dusk, lots of no-see-ums- bring the Deet. There is another outfitter in Brunswick just south of the island causeway. Tides, current, water level loss, alligators and bugs really suggests a mandatory stop to talk with the experts in this field of sport. But well worth the paddling experience. Have fun. Wish I were going again.