St. Simons to Jekyll Island Georgia

Staying in St. Simons Island, GA. Want to paddle over to the driftwood beach on Jekyll Island. We’re experienced paddlers, but mostly on rivers and swamps and a few in intercoastal waterways. Looks like a fairly straightforward treck across the sound. Planning to ask some locals when we get there, but anybody know of specific current/tide risks in the sound between those two islands. Would hate to haul the boats down there and be advised not to do it.

I’ve only been there once and would think crossing the sound would be doable but at tide change it roars through the rivers and creeks.

If you cross at slack (somewhere around high or low + 1/2 hour or so), the cross will be easiest, otherwise adjust heading based on current direction and speed. (check tides & currents for St Simons Lighthouse from

However, there is shipping (Port of Brunswick) coming in and out from here.
Know your speed and be able to judge distance (how far off that freighter is, and should you wait).

Did it several times. St Simons to Jekyll to Brunswick, excellent paddle. The local outfitter also has this as one of their trips. Beware big boats and big ships making big waves. Don’t get lost in the marsh grass or stuck in the mud.

Driftwood beach is on the Atlantic side of the Island. Do you have open water experience?