Stability Swift Mattawa/Kipawa

I currently have a Swift Mattawa, but am thinking of getting into the Swift Kipawa (Need a bigger canoe). I would like to know if the stability of these two canoes are smiler???

Their basic design is very similar, so
you can expect that adding length will add some stability. If you’re used to the Mattawa, you aren’t a Grumman/Souris flat bottom stability kind of paddler.

Stability Swift Mattawa/Kipawa
So you think the kipawas stability may be a bit better??

It’s been a while since I studied their
catalog, but as I recall, they have similar shallow arch hulls. As a general rule, if the hullform is held constant, and the boat’s length is increased, the stability will increase also.



Kip and Winisk
I haven’t paddled the mattawa, but the Kipawa and Winisk (next larger model) paddle similar.