stabilizers or outriggers

i have a problem with our “new” canoe being a pelican navigator it seems to be very unstable.

I have noticed that the brand new model has the seats a lot lower which i think woulkd be far more stable lowering the centre of gravity also does anyone have experience of using a stabilizer with this RAM X canoe

Why not lower the seats
I don’t know the boat, but I would think you could lower the seats, unless they are molded in place.

I have done it on canoes, and with some ingenuity I would think you could do it.

Are the existing seats removable?

If yes, remove them and install some aluminum channels using rivits on each side of the boat at the height you want the new seats.

Pick up some new cane seats at a local outfitters, (they are fairly inexpensive). cut them to fit, and bolt them to the channels. If the span is too wide and they are putting too much pressure on the side channels, add a block of high density gray foam under each seat.

If you are using the boat for fishing the spoonsons would be ok, but if you want the canoe for the pleasure of paddling, keep away from them.

You will never learn how to paddle correctly with them.

Good luck,