stable canoe

What is the widest, most stable lake fishing canoe that is made for one or two people?

I would use a rowing attachment for oars, no paddles. Oars only.


Sportspal comes with stabalizers.
I’ve seen these used on big lakes.

Navarro Legacy?
Maybe not the “most stable”, but lots of initial stability and still small and light enough to paddle solo although it is actually a small tandem. 13’ long and 38" wide - I stand in mine all the time. Idunno if Navarro is still in business, but Merrimack makes essentially the same canoe (Osprey). The Old Town Stillwater 12 and 14 seem to approximate the same hull specs. The Nova Craft Angler is longer (15’) and less beamy (37") but has the same flat bottom with keel design, so I would expect it to handle similarly. I am sure there are others.

Old Town Discovery Sport series
Wide stable and have oar locks installed. Row much better than paddle. On the inexpensive end of the price range, and on the heavy end of the weight range.

Why not just get a rowboat? They are desighned to be rowed rather than paddled.