Stake out Pole

Does any one use a stakeout pole with their canoe to hold position in a moving curent? If so how do you rig it on the canoe? I am looking for some way other than an anchor to stay in one place in shallow water.

Does a kayak count?
I use them regularly with a kayak or a pirogue.

To tie off I might loop my bow or stern line around it and tie off where I can reach it for a quick release…


I might use my lil brush clip anchor which is clipped onto a trolley line.

My stake anchors are usually a 10’ or 6’ piece of 1" PVC with a ‘T’ glued on the top and a sharp point cut on the other end. Through the ‘T’ I tie a loop of line that comes in handy sometimes.

Down thisaway there’s frequently enough stumps, branches, grass or whatever in the water that I only need the brush clip anchor.

I need to figure out a good (CHEAP) way to make a combo - stake anchor and push-pole.

sounds like you are in the South
Maybe there’s an Academy Sporting Goods store in your area. Academy sells a couple of push poles…heavy, both are metal. But, I think that you can buy just the foot piece. Maybe you could rig it where you could remove it with a pin.

brush clip
I’ve been looking for a brush clip. Where did you get yours?

In the South, brush clips can be
bought at most stores that sell fishing stuff. Wally World used to carry them. You might try Bass Pro Shops, they have an on-line catalogue, if you are not fortunate to live in the South.

brush clamps
Go to a home depot/hardware store and look at spring loaded clamps(used for gluing boards together,looks like large battery clamp) They come in different sizes and strengths.If they don’t already have it drill a hole in the handle for a line.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not and was afraid to cause the boat to capsize if used on a trolley. I think I’ll give the pvc pole a shot and epoxy some sort of plug in the end before I cut it at an angle.