Stand-up paddle boarding with my dog?

I would like to take my dog to the lake to paddle board with me. He loves the water but I just have no idea where to start! what kind of sup paddle board would you recommend? Any ideas? Thanks!

It’s an open-ended question so we don’t have much to go on. If you have a roof rack get yourself a nice stiff board, one that is large enough for you and your dog. The size board will depend on the size of you and your dog.

If no roof rack and you’re on a budget they make some fantastic inflatable SUPs. For about $500 you can get the entire kit - board, pump, carry bag and paddle. Don’t think pool toy. These inflatable boards just as hard as a composite board. Even if your dog can swim well you may want to get him/her a life jacket. They typically don’t last afloat for long swims.

Teaching your dog to accept and stay on a stand-up paddle board is much like staying on a surfboard, only easier. In this web you can find great stand-up paddle board options, have fun! :wink: