Stand up paddle boards ?

Looks like fun, and I might want to try it.

Educate me:

  1. Is it a normal long board ?
  2. Is balance a big issue on flat water?

    3 Where do you get the long paddles?

    Thanks in advance



if you can take a sea kayak into surf
I guess you can take a surf board out for a trip

doesn’t sound like my idea of fun, but I know people do it:

Get the paddles here

Zaveral also sells paddles
but like all Zav stuff they are spendy. I haven’t tried stand-up boards yet but thought it looked kinda fun too.

Can be fun
I tried paddle boarding for a first time this Christmas and it was actually a lot of fun. On a stable board you need a couple of days to be comfortable and forget thinking about balance. All that tried mine were able to paddle on flat water from the first try, so I guess a 12’x30" board with full ends is on the stable side.

Like kayaks, you can get a stable (and slow) or a fast and sleek but less stable boat board for flat water/touring (if you can call stand-up touring -;)) or a surf-specific design.

Check for something like on stand-up paddling …

I see SUP paddlers at the rapids where I go for mild WW kayaking (up to class 2-3) and they seem to have fun there and do quite well.

Try renting
The condos we go to in Grand Cayman has boards and paddles and you can rent them by the hour. I am willing to bet that you could find such a place in Florida. Or the outer banks when you go back north. I haven’t tried them but watching ordinary folks paddle around they seemed to get it in less than 1/2 an hour and had a good time in mild chop in the ocean. I have some old sail boards in the attic of my garage and live on a lake. Have been considering going out with one of them and a euro paddle used in a extended position.

a couple of summers ago

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my paddling buddy and I watched a couple of ladies in bathing suits do stand up paddles on what we assumed were sailboards at a put in on Cape Rosier, just south of Castine Maine---they seemed to have no problem with balancing, but then the water was mirror calm--in chop I suppose it would be kind of like surfing

If you’re
in the St. Pete area on Saturday afternoon - February 27, Sweetwater Kayaks is teaching an Introduction to Paddleboards class at their symposium.

Been using my old big windsurfer
boards (12’x 30" one-design Whalers/Mistrals) to teach neighbor and grandkids to SUP. Short kids use long canoe paddle and me and taller use my looong GP. Look for one to borrow. Great fun. R

I was picking up a more run of the mill paddle last week for my canoe and saw a couple of the long standup paddles at Foxworxs. They make them and ship them.

Jack, what about the CF 700?
Sounds like the continuing boat bug to me.

Jack, to answer your first question SUPs are not normal longboards. SUPs have more depth, more flotation than longboards. As some mentioned there are a bunch of styles out now from touring specific (Tahoe) to surfing and Native even makes a stand up craft for fishing that has boat hull type bottom shape.

As for paddles Werner’s been making some paddles for stand up for a few years now.

My opinion after trying it briefly a couple times is that it looks more fun than it actually is. But i’m still open to trying it more. It just looks so cool, and judging by the marketing i’ll shortly be surrounded by fine women in bikinis every time i go out.

Jack, try it on a 10’+ X 30" + board
first. I bet you will have no trouble and will love it !

The boards and paddlers are getting faster and faster.

The best place for latest info is here:

Some good stuff right on top right now.

Please contact me for your made in USA SUP/Canoe paddle : )

Would you believe
that it was that picture of your little guy that made me finally want to try it.

We had seen people doing it for the past few years.

I think I’ll go borrow my son-in-laws dust collecting

wind surfer when we get home to try it out.



I would just like to try it
so wouldn’t “the bride”



SUP Dreamin’…


Same one as posted on A-Cup thread

Yesterday morning at Cardiff Reef
Big winter waves and this 16-18 year old girl on a SUP was ripping, going head to head with the local boardies and taking possesion of the waves and ripping it up. Cool to watch. She could paddle out faster than anyone else and was agile enough she was surfing rings around the local old farts …

The board is important.
The SUP is as important as the kayak. There is a big difference in boards, just like there is a big difference in kayaks. If your interest is paddling, you want to start on a stable board that tracks on flat water. If you want to surf, you want a stable board that turns easily.

The boards are differentiating: surfing vs flatwater vs downwinders. Every manufacture seems to be coming up with flat water race boards, ocean race boards, and surf specific boards.

I was just in the Fl Keys, and although the weather didn’t accomodate a paddle of my own, I saw several places that rented stand up boards. Islemorada, Sugarloaf, , and Key West each had places to rent.

After paddling surf skis, I tried stand up boards, and really enjoyed the experience. My wife and kids won’t kayak with me, but they all like to stand up paddle board. The view is better from a stand up paddle board. I don’t guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis every time you paddle a board, but I do guaratee that if you are surrounded by beautiful wornem, you’ll be able to see them better from a paddle board.

Hah! That was great.