stand-up paddle in tandem canoe

anyone tried it?

Now and then, but I would usually
bring my pole along if I anticipated standing.

A compromise position is to paddle from a high kneel like the guys who compete in canoe in flatwater racing.

My paddle is too short !!!


Standard stuff
River tripping - carry a longer paddle that allows me to stand and have good visibility to pick the channels. Poling if shallow, but have done miles and miles for years standing up. A fully loaded tandem is a very stable platform if you are practiced.

Of course no rapids, but very common to see folks standing on the river part of the Allagash, for example.

We have a SE paddler famous for
running whitewater in his Blue Hole OCA with no added flotation. Back in '79 we watched him wrap his boat on a rock in Gonzo Shoals on the Ocoee River. He peelied the boat loose, stomped it to a semblance of original shape, duct taped driftwood around the gunwales where they were broken amidships, and then he paddled much of the remaining run standing up, claiming that helped keep the weakened bottom from pooching!

i’m talking about the surf style
stand-up paddling like you see on the coast. with the 80-inch bent blades. you stand up completely? anyone?

Hoping to soon
I’d like to try it, but haven’t done so yet. I’ve considered getting a stand up paddle to use in my poling boat (the only tandem I own). It seems like it would be a lot of fun.

at a recent event
some guys had stand up boards. I tried the boards and paddles. I even tried their paddles in my canoe.


I don’t care for the boards.

I still have no use for a bent shaft paddle due to lack of maneuverability.

A very long straight shaft paddle works great in a canoe.

Standing paddle is fairly common
I think it is frequently done. I’ve done it some, but one really needs a longer paddle than I usually carry, and that is somewhat dependent on your stature. I’m tall.

I know pilotwingz stands. When I pole, I am always amazed how well I see fish, compared to sitting. Pilotwingz likes to fish.

But you asked about tandem. When I stand, it is in a tandem canoe, but I’m usually by myself. It would be very interesting with two people.


Not Bent shafts
I know several people who use guide paddles, the long ones whitewater raft guides use, to paddle standing up in rapids and quiet water.

Never tried it but I would think there would be little advantage to the bent shaft which is designed to give a seated paddler a more efficient blade angle.

Might be another reason for the bent shaft?


check this out

I see ‘em in Annapolis harbor
But they are only pushing through 1’ chop.

I was at Malibu Lagoon in September and saw a guy standing-paddling a board out through the shoulder high surf. Not sure the guy ever got out, because I couldn’t see him but for a few seconds. I think the fella got wiped on the way out (not shown in the video clip). But I might like to have one of the paddles. Paddlers don’t seem to like torso rotation. Maybe grip on the board and balance are too tenuous to put much torso into it.


Central PA FYI
Blue Mountain Outfitters, Marysville, PA carries Aquabound stand-up paddles

That’s good to know. Had I known Doug and Mary stocked them I would have already owned one. Thanks for the heads up.

Just daggermat

Something about bad knees - its tough to get old. Usually see him with a pole these days – makes it easier to fight off the fishermen. This picture was taken a couple of years ago on Riverton section of the Farmington – hopefully we will be doing it again in a couple weeks.