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Recently back from Waikiki Beach, the most famous strip of beach in the world, some would argue, and some paddlers were doing this stand up paddling. See the link. Can even paddle on flatwater with this method, and would appear to work out some key muscles in the back and even legs.

Check out the links, and even some linked videos. A variation that is popular is hand paddling on one's belly--this technique has ben used for miles, such as Molokai to Oahu, about 32 miles.

Anyone try these?

Stand Up Fad
Although it’s been around as long as regular stand up surfing, Laird Hamilton, one of the best surfers in the world was photographed doing this a while ago and now you see lots of folks at surf breaks stand up paddling in southern California. It’s actually been kind of a good thing for buttsurfers, people are more accepting of different kinds of wave riding.

Paddle boards that you lie on have been a tradition in California for a very long time. There is a famous race from Catlina to the mainland that has been going on since the 50s. I think Pat aka Onnopaddle has quite a bit of experience on paddle boards. I got interested in building one this Fall, right now I’d rather spend my spare time on the water, but I expect I’m going build my own sometime. Paddle boarding uses muscles and bones you usually don’t employ. Kind of hard on the neck for a beginner.

I think

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it's awesome stuff! Laird is a badass, and I love seeing this stuff evolve.

Thanks, seadart and salty.

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I was at Waimea Bay for several days--missed the very end of the Vans Triple Corwn of Surfing 2006 as I arrived on Dec 21, the day this video was shot--

It's my favorite beach, bar none.

Anyhow, waves were big and gnarly, but not quite as big as 2005 when I did see Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton mix it up--you know, all your favorite Playstation video surf stars. Forgot if it was the Eddie Aikau Invitational. But if Laird paddles belly down and stand up, then I gotta try it. I hate long rides on my bike for the reason you state, seadart, so thanks... I'd better stay away from belly paddle boarding, esp to Catalina Island. But stand up looks cool. I can see myself paddling the motor boat wakes at the nucelar power plant cooling lake in central IL, a la Laird.

Mrs. Laird "Gabby" Hamilton is not such a bad looker.

True, sing. I can be Lard Hamilton... lei, jelly roll, and motorboard surfer. Closest I'd get to "Pipeline" is if I hit a mass of rebar at a stinkwater discharge tube lakeside.

Sit Up To Stand Up…
Maybe Fletcher started a fad… Does he have a foot strap midway on his ski?

Laird is known to do the Mokalai crossing with his paddle board to get/stay in shape. Guy’s an animal.

He is also known as one of the tow in pioneers for the BIG reef breaks. Don’t think that is a “fad” per se. Not everyone can just grab a partner and a jetski and head for the reef on a big day… However, any kook can grab a paddle and head out on a “log.” That would put them right in the same classification with us buttsurfers. :wink:


You Want "Innovation?"
The Rockhopper 340 has got to be the most innovative design in the past decade or more. 13’ of planing hull with a drop down skeg. Fin boxes for thrusters if you want to just surf rather than play with rock gardens.

And, I hate to say it, it’s coming from the Brits. :slight_smile:


Ahead of it’s time
I like that concept a lot.

Hoe he’e nalu
This is an awesome sport; don’t miss out!

My Cal-located brother is a friend of L.H. and speaks of the workout benefit of “treks” up and down the coast.

Better be in decent shape though as this is a killer but the view 5-6 feet up is not to be missed.

Before you drop 1k plus on a board (300+ for paddle) rent or borrow one.

Google for links; there are many.

Here’s an old link for starters.

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