Stand-Up Paddleboarding Through High Rapids

Three kayakers and a stand-up paddleboarder took on high water (6.4 ft) and wild rapids on the Potomac River yesterday.

That paddle boarder has extraordinary balance.

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The paddle boarder knows how to brace and kept his paddle in the water for balance.

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Interesting wave trains. Rapids at that height are actually (somewhat) safer than if they were two feet lower and more technical with the rocks protruding(IMHO)… I’m currently in the market for a good short inflatable SUP–I was stand-up paddling flooded rivers, before Stand Up Paddling was cool.

Doesn’t look like he is having any fun. Very tense stance, no points for style, but he pulled it off anyway.

hey the stand up paddle boarder did great!, better than any I’ve seen thus far at actually running rapids, and still standing up. I’ve seen some great stand up paddle boarders doing “park and play” wave surfing but most struggle with running down actual rapids and just lay down on the boards or kneel. I would ditch the leash, in ww it really yanks and can pull you under, seen this first hand, didn’t look like fun. Better to just swim and let the friends collect the board.

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