Stand up paddling

I think stand up paddling surfboards is the new rage. And recently I saw a kokatat add showing a canoe being paddled with a Looong paddle. Has anyone tried this? Is it a lot slower than sit down paddling?

Might be a nice rest position from the kneeling.

I did it in a SOT tandem last year a few
times. It was a barge of a kayak. WWWWWIIIiiiiiddddeeeee. Dimension Spirit Duo. It was around 15-16’ if I remember right. I bought it at a garage sale to take the kids out on the water and ended up selling it within a few months. It was too heavy for me to handle alone, and the boys are too small to help.

But I stood up and paddled it a couple times solo in slow current on the river while fishing. The problem is the leverage. Think of holding the end of your paddle only, and making a big, wide sweep stroke. Same thing. Very little leverage. So it takes a lot of effort for little paddle movement, in my experience.

stand up guy
I have paddled my 16 ft Bluehole canoe standing up for 12 years, ever since my son was 4 and decided he liked to stick his head over the side and under water. It was easier to balance standing up and shifting my weight from leg to leg. I use the longest double blade paddle that my local dealer could get from Mohawk, I forget the length. The double blade paddle is great unless you are in tight quarters, such as heavy overgrowth and narrow channels.

Maine Guide Paddle
is often used for stand up paddling. Usually on rivers where you need to stand to find the best channel.

Not a new form of paddling…very old as a matter of fact but not seen everywhere.

Easy on the knees
often affords a better view along river banks, and helps eliminate glare from the water due to looking down as opposed to out.I stand and paddle on occasion, generally those rare times I’m on a slow muddy bottomed river. If it’s rocky I prefer to pole. Tried poling this river and ended up with a canoe full of leaves, mud and pine needles :-0

A game we play

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using kayaks where the river is calm, fairly warm and 4-5 foot deep. We all (or most) take turns standing up and paddling our kayaks. It's lots of fun, hilarious we you fall and usually everyone ends up in the water. Some are getting pretty good and the best one is an adult male in a WS Tsunami 125.

My folks paddled me standing up.

Nothing new & Not just for kids!
A Maine canoeist, Zip Kellogg, has been paddling standing up for years. He is famous for his “stand up” appearances in the annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe race, which includes Class III whitewater as well as plenty of flatwater. Article at

G. Conover?
Many years ago, while setting up camp at dusk on the West Branch of the Penobscot, near Chesuncook, I watched a guy go by standing in the stern of a fully loaded W/C tripper heading north. Tall, dark, big beard, all floppy hat and wool jac-shirt with a controlled grace and cadence and the longest Northwoods-style paddle I’ve ever seen. In his canoe, squared away pack baskets and goods neatly cover by tied-down cotton duck, spare paddle and pole on top. Funny though, I don’t remember a PFD. It was like some kind of time warp-dream moment as I offered a subtle wave and he responded with barely a nod…no smile, though. I knew, right then, that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

And now we’re all paying for it. n/m

roflmao :slight_smile: NM

a clarification
Zip does not paddle Great Falls standing up…yes for the approach,no for the chute.

Anyway everyone has to stand to find out where all the rec kayaks are dumped anyway. Last year was the mother of all yard sales.

However the rest of us mostly paddle the rest of the race sitting…and yet Zip does it standing and his times aint that bad!

Riverstrider in his WW boat

He does better with a pole and his Explorer.

so I see!!

dang, Chuck, ya’ look so young in those pix.

I AM young in those pics, Matt!
At least, a few weeks younger than now.

I almost ran Joe over the next time before he finally knocked me off my perch with the water blaster. No fair!

One more pic…


Not a canoe, but definitely pretty impressive.

I actually was surprised to see him swim.

Like this?

Wow - nice
Is that a glass boat?! If so, double-wow :).

I do it standing up
Yes, I like to take a break and do a little paddling standing up. My Turtle Work’s Whipoorwil paddle is just long enough to use while I stand.


Baby Beluga Boat
Mel has bad knees, a black belt and way more energy and ambition than I ever will.

The boat is mostly kevlar though I don’t know what else he might have used. It’s his own design and construction, 15’ long and too deep to paddle from your knees.

If I could paddle half as well on my knees as Mel does standing I’d be happy.