Stand-Up Paddling

Has anyone tried stand-up paddling? Even Canoe&Kayak has done a page on it.

Tried it Recently …
… and loved it … I’m sure I’ll be buying a board and paddle within weeks !!!

Tried it, also
It was fun. A different perspective of the ocean and coastline standing up. I won’t be buying one, but I enjoyed it. It won’t ever replace kayaking for me.

Also supposedly going to do some surfing this coming weekend in NorCal on one.

I think it’s a lot more appealing where you can paddle to isolated and friendly surf spots.

used to do that…was a blast…
Used to do that many moons ago as little kid…along Maine beaches. With the clear water and surf = a lot of fun.

But at my age I’d rather be sitting down. My son in law has a stand up board and I tried his in Hawaii. It’s preety popular there.

I paddled on Lake Erie…
yesterday for about 20 minutes next to a guy doing it in about a 2 ft chop and he was excellent at it. It was facinating… I’m gonna get into it as soon as I can find a board locally. He told me for starting real cheap, to pick up a windsurfer board. He was using a TAP carbon paddle which was only about $200, but his board cost almost a grand. Guess I’ll have to widen my craigslist search and get something used…He apeared to be having an easier time than me in my Aquanaut.

Ya mean like this?

Yep, Windsurfer or even better …
… a Mistral Superlight.

Normal paddle suggestions of + 4-6" your height for surf, + 6-9" for cruising/racing are good but for sure try longer on the paddle length as well. Up to say + 12" … Much more relaxing if you are just looking to noodle around. On blade size try the smaller 8-8.5" blades first.

FYI, we are coming out with some new SUP / Canoe stuff soon.

Seadart, our little guy is catching micro waves on his SUP now. He turned 4 last week.

He’ll be pro soon Pat!
Where do you take him? Hilo bay?


Is that Graham Noel, Tom?
And what, pray tell, model of boat is the paddler standing? Can’t recall seing such blunt, “squared-off” ends. Looks big enough for a trio to sit saddle amidships. Or, haul two-tons of pelts through the Ausable Chasm!

Millbrook Howler? NM

That’s really cool Pat…
4 years old is a great age to be, lots of good times ahead.

(Sounds like he is doing better than me, I really stink as a stand up surfer.)