Standard Horizon HX270S no strap?!

Was looking at the HX270S as a solid, cheap VHF for paddling. However, it doesn’t appear that the radio comes with any sort of strap attachment point at all. Based that on what’s included in the box, as well as comments on a few marine forums.

Is that really the case? Why the heck would a marine handheld radio that sinks not come with some sort of attachment point for a strap?

There’s a Place

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On the back of the radio is a plastic disk that's screwed on. (for a belt clip) I made a small loop of cord and screwed it down to the radio behind the disk. Works great. You would think they'd offer something simpler but for $87 I ain't complaining.

Did The Same Thing…

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...and it works just like Kudzu says. I still think it's a no-brainer, tho, to supply some sort of attachment point...

87 bucks?
“but for $87 I ain’t complaining”

Where’d you get one for that price? I almost bought one at West Marine for $99; they only had the floor model left that they tried selling me, but wouldn’t knock off any money, so I didn’t buy it.

amazon has them for $85
Sold by somebody else and doesn’t include shipping…

So folks are using the plastic disc that slides into the belt holder correct? I can’t even find a photo of the back of the radio, hehe.

Other radio I’ve been looking at has been the ICOM M34, but it is around $150…

Thanks again folks!

I’ll Ask
I’ll have to ask my buddy, Nelson, where the radio came from. He said he was buying one to replace his broken one. I asked him to get one for me to replace my big bulky one. My share came to $87 if I remember correctly.

ICOM M34 is on sale at Boaters world for 129.99 w/ free shipping.

$89 at Defenders|344|301236|29102&id=441542

I just bought one a month ago, but live near by - paid CT sales tax 7%.

HX270S FOR $76 at Sailnet
Just got an ad from that they have them for $76.95 which is why I was looking for Reviews.