Standard Horizon Radio PFD Attachment

Some time back, a regular contributor to this message board shared some photos of how he attached his Standard Horizon HX470S handheld VHF radio to his PFD. I finally purchased one and would like to revisit those photos to get some ideas of how to proceed with the attachment.

Can someone point me to the website containing those photos? Thanks.

Try this

Been behaving oddly though. You might have to cut and paste get an error message on the first try then hit refresh. This Gentleman’s handle is bnystrom. Heck of a paddler, boat repair person and guy.

Here is the link
Many thanks to bnystrom.

Standard Horizon Radio PFD Attachment
Thanks to all that replied. That was just what I was looking for!

And thanks to bnystrom for the information; the pictures help.

If you have any questions…
…post 'em here or drop me a line.

Your thoughts…
On the fact that the radio doesn’t float? I have this model and keep it in an Aquapak, mostly because I’m afraid if I drop it, gravity brings it to Davy Jones.

That’s why mine is on a lanyard

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The radio is tethered to the shoulder strap of my PFD. To date, I've never had the radio come loose from the mount, even when getting clobbered in surf or executing rescues. I don't use a bag, because it precludes mounting the radio in the position I favor, it makes it more difficult to use the buttons and it makes it harder to hear. Keeping it in a pocket means that using it becomes a two handed affair, which is not something I want to deal with in rough water.