Standard Horizons HX471S

Looking at this VHF/FRS/AM/FM/NOAA radio, it doesn’t list an IPX rating other than saying 3ft for 30 minutes, can I presume this isn’t IPX tested? Haven’t seen a mention in the dozens of websites I’ve gathered info from. Any problems with waterproofness?

Also, the NOAA weather alert feature, from looking at the manual one can download from SH, it looks like you can’t set the unit to alert you if there is a NOAA Wx alert, you have to hit the SCAN button for it to scan all your preprogrammed NOAA channels, unlike a true weather radio. If the unit detects an alert, you have to hit the Wx button to hear it.

Is this true? Is there any handheld VHF radio that will automatically sound the alarm on any received NOAA alarm?

Any other comments on this unit is welcome, of course.


I’ve been told
that there can be an issue with the rubber plug in the external mic jack leaking. If you’re not ever going to use it, dab some aqua-seal or silicone sealant in the jack with a toothpick (Fill it if you can), and replace the plug in the sealant. Wipe off the excess, and problem solved.

The company literature says that it’s “designed to” survive underwater. It doesn’t say that it actually does…

NOAA radio
OK, I’ve just got a reply from Standard Horizons, that the unit has to be put in scan mode to get NOAA alerts, so if there is a Tsunami warning, you wont have a clue (other than perhaps a 50ft wave heading towards you…HAHAHAHAHA) until you hit the SCAN button on the unit.

Nice and fast CS I must say…


That’s how they all work-IMHO
These radios are not made to be dedicated WX radios. I have never seen one that would process WX alerts by simply turning it on. It is a feature of the radio that you need to select/activate. After all, do you really want it to scan all WX channels even if there is no station on all but one or two channels and thus not be able to scan other channels at a high repitition? I don’t understand the problem, but I am old, tired, and cranky tonight.

When properly activated all these radios will scan the selected WX channels and listen in the background (you do not hear the WX stations) for the tone which preceeds the alert. If the radio senses the tone it either sounds a tone to alert you or automatically switches to the WX channel so you can hear the alert. Always worked well for me. I agree some radios are easier to set up than others and personally I think the Uniden Voyager is the easiest and most functional for this specific purpose.

OT The 471 is an older model though still sold and some have not had good luck with them. I would go with a HX-500Li or Icom M-72 if I were buying now even though I like my Voyager and think it a good radio.

You’re probably right, I’ve played with an actual weather radio but I guess since all it does is weather, it probably turns on into “scan” mode, so all I needed to do is have the unit on, and it would alert on any Wx alert message.