Standard or Wing paddle with a canoe?

I’m sold on wings. I use them with kayaks and surfskis. I have a Wenonah advantage that I’d like to use a double bladed paddle with from time to time instead of my Zav carbon bent shaft. Just to mix things up. Does a wing work as well with a relatively wide craft such as a canoe? If so, why aren’t the blades of our canoe paddles wing shaped. A standard paddle such as an Ikelos would seem to mimic the action of our canoe paddles better. No? Is it because the stroke in a canoe may not be quite as vertical as in a narrower boat? Has anybody actually tried both in a solo canoe? Thanks for any help.

You’d need one of two things to do this. Either really long arms or a really skinny canoe. The wing stroke’s catch should be very near the side of the boat and then swings outwards at about a 30 degree angle, darned near impossible with a canoe unless you look like a monkey with arms that reach the floor.

Bill H.

try it
I paddle a epic wing in my shockwave with good results.