Standing/Storing a Malone trailer

I’m contemplating buying a malone microsport trailer to replace my current trailer but only if I can easily stand the trailer to save space.

Malone advertises its optional retractable tongue which allows you then to store the trailer on its backend.

Nowhere can I find anyone’s experience with standing the trailer up on it’s back end. I want to know if it can be done fairly easy by myself or is it a real chore. There’s really no way of guessing how hard it would be to do without actually trying it and I have no where I can do that. If I can’t stand the trailer to save space I might as well keep the trailer I currently have. Hopefully someone has experience with this. Thanks!

I don’t have one but in another topic here, a Malone is on my short list – although I won’t be keeping it int he garage. For standing it up, I read that the Microsports are 197-230LB, that might be a beast to stand up single-handed. Maybe a pulley & cord system near the intersection of wall and ceiling for the pulley, and PULL it into place?

block the
wheels ! cart then turns upward on the axle. No problem.

No Malone here,
but my SportsRig will stand on it’s hind quarters and roll on castors just fine. It’s a fulcrum and lever sort of thing and in no way do you ever lift anywhere near the weight of the trailer. I can easily push it up with one hand and I do mean easily. I’d think the Malone would be very similar.

The reason this feature doesn’t work well for me is the shape of my storage space and I believe I’d have to remove the tongue extension every time I stood it up. Not more than a few minutes to do, but one more thing. I maybe wrong, I haven’t played with that feature at all since I put on the extension.

Something to consider,


not sure what you mean by wheels. you mean wheels on the back of the frame. if so, just tilting on the frame wouldn’t be any different than wheels/axles as a fulcrum point

yea, i’ve thought about a pulley but was just trying to keep it simple. may need some kind of hook/strap anyway so i don’t end up with it on the hood of a car in the garage.

i need a little more info… you mean you just mounted casters on the back of the frame as a pivot point

? i don’t see how pivoting on a caster would be any less weight than pivoting on the back of the frame.

sorry. meant pivot not fulcrum.

Sorry, poor description.
No, the pivot point is the axle, or maybe the spindles of the motorcycle wheels would be more accurate. Just lift the tongue quite easily until the rear of the trailer touches the floor. Then a slight push and it’s up on it’s castors.

Here’s a link with some photos at the bottom that may clarify.

I hope this helps,