Standing up in a kayak

I have seen it in books, guys standing up in thier kayaks while fishing without using sponsons. Has anybody tried this?

showing off
I’ve seen instructors do it in 21" kayaks to show off their acumen. Pretty cool trick actually. :slight_smile:

I’d guess the anglers are doing it in 28" wide SOTs.

Stood up on my SOTs in the pool
this year. The Manta Ray 14 is awesome for standing. Plenty of width to keep your feet apart and you can literally lean it over until water starts coming in over the high sides without becoming unstable. It’s 28 inches wide.

My Torrent is wider, but not as suited for standing. You can do it easy enough, but it’s not as well behaved. Once you lean it so far, you’re going swimming.

Hull design and width can make a boat incredibly stable for standing up. I bet I could pole the Manta Ray in moving water.


Some are better than others
My Bic Scapa is 26 inches wide but when you stand the foot placement is not too good. I wouldn’t cast from it.

The Hurricane 160 SOT it really stable. I bet you could cast from it easily.

You don’t have to be a instructor
I did it once, (only once) in my QCC-700, and only for a second or two before I plopped back down.

I cheated though. I stepped into it off a foot high bank.

Both my wife and oldest daughter can stand in their Keowees in a class I river. - Dear old Dad does it, but not for long!



I stood in my Romany last night, and a couple other times. I’ve found if I sit on the rear deck with my legs in the water and paddle around like that for a few minutes it helps me focus on balance, and the standing trick comes easier.

Standing up
Most of the models with people fishing are made for standing up. i.e. Native Watercraft Ultimate. I imagine you’ll see even more designed for standing this coming season since that seems to be a growing trend. Standing up in a kayak is one thing, but casting and fishing gets trickier.

Fun times!
One day after a rolling class, I decided to take my whitewater kayak (Dagger Medeival) for a stand-up trial paddle. It wasn’t that easy, but I didn’t fall in and was able to paddle around the pool…until one of the other instructors started blasting me with a high-volume water gun!


i see it in florida
one guy i fish with stands up on his wilderness tarpon 160 80 percent of the time.

he uses his kayak paddle like a stand-up paddle you see with boards/canoes.

he’s been doing it for several years.

Here’s the proof

I’m glad to report that Chuck has now switched to canoe poling

I tried it this weekend
I went to the local fishing hole and tried standing up in some really shallow water. I have a huge cockpit, and a pretty beamy boat, so it wasn’t too hard, but I can’t imagine trying to hanble a pole. Also, my body acted like a sail, and I found myself drifting pretty bad.

you have a huge what?

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wasn't hard, eh?

sorry, folks, but this was just too much of a home run to pass by.

I do it
but only to test the stability of the boat.

The only times I actually dothat are:

  1. when I tied off to a cliff I needed to climb and
  2. when I was in a reed forest and needed to see over the cattails.

    Some people actually pole kayaks and i’ve tried that but never for too far.

i used to in my Loon 138. …
…some boats are boringly stable.

Useful for taking a leak.