Start of season in New Jersey

Greetings all!

We had our first group paddle this evening-7 boats total; 3 k1’s, couple of skis and an oc-1…nice mix of boats. Guys wanted to stay dry , hence the k1…

By “real” spring almost all will be in skis…

This is an open invitation to stay in the (NJ) loop and join us throughout the season.

We plan some great local races and an NJ series as well.

Join us at:

It is a New Jersey group- so if you live or paddle hear, are passing through, or just want to help build paddle sports please join and give us a shout!



If you haven’t done so already, post
on pnet’s “Getting Together and Going Paddling” forum. A good place to get widespread attention.

Let the Season Begin!
Heyyyy, Scott,

Definitely plan on making it out there for one of the practice sessions. Sounds like you guys had a good mix. Was out myself yesterday on the new ski. (I am Legend.) Nice little breeze and warm temps made for a great day.


Glad you guys got out Scott!
Sure wish I lived closer, then I might attend a few of these work outs. I may make the Tuesday and Thursday workouts once in a awhile (if business takes me to the Jersey shore). Sunday’s will not happen, I will not travel the GSP on a Sunday during the summer.


We in NE. Pa were out too
The ice is off the river so we did 16 miles in the ski. Some up stream though and thought the GPS was broken because it said 0. Then checked the shore and realized it’s not better pick it up. Alittle long for my first time of the year 2:30 time. There were 3 of us and only 1 quick swim (not me thankfully) so it was a great day. Chaz. Hey Mark hows the legend?

…marky, mark…
you in a legend now??? I can not keep track!!

anyway come on down…or we will make a trip up your way before the L2L… oh, and I saw the dvd…great info for the novice… you and wes need to put out volume number 2- give us some insight into waves, current, pacing, etc.


…the traffic ain’t too bad this time o’ year on the GSP…

come on down!

get yer ski wet and have some fun! we are going to get out most Sunday nights now- same place as the Oscar clinic…

we go flat water for about three miles then blast away into the bay for another three… choose your chose!!


Open Water
(Probably not the best choice of subject line…) I usually have open water (LI Sound) within a 25 min. drive, so the winter’s been bearable. Lately have taken to driving by the local training lakes like a stalker, waiting for ice out. It’s a Fatal Attraction kind of thing…

Chaz, I’m getting used to the Legend. Have some fit issues-losing my left leg, so we shall see. It’s pretty stable for an HPS, but another notch or two up of course, from the S1-R (which I think I may be able to do a headstand in, now). Funny how that goes.

C’mon warm temps! Waiting for the peepers…