starting out with a GP storm? (gift!)

a nice surprise today, my buddy, upon hearing my renewed interest in learning GP stuff gave me his beautifully handmade storm paddle as a moving-to-the-coast present. as we are similar in size, it is very close to my anatomics. it sure feels good in the hands, sliding back and forth.

either way this is where i’ll be starting, since it’s the paddle i’ve got, but your input is always welcome;

i know this paddle requires the sliding stroke. is it a tough place to start with GP?

Go for it.
The idea of a “storm” paddle as a back up or spare is not really a Greenland concept, but a modern one. Greenlanders did not carry spares as their decks were already filled with hunting tools. However, there were short loomed paddles in use in Greenland as primaries, so I’d say go for it. Remember though, no matter the temptation, not to grip the ends/tips.


great way to start!
The sliding stroke takes some getting used to regardless if you were using a standard GP previously. I personally think that the sliding stroke with a storm paddle is the most beautiful kayaking technique that there is. The cadence is much slower and it is a very powerful stroke. In my experience, it typically take 3 strokes with a standard greenland paddle for every 2 strokes with a euro paddle. I also take 3 strokes with a euro paddle for every two strokes you take with a storm paddle. Doing the math, it turns out that the sliding stroke is 2.25 times stronger (and slower) than the standard greenland stroke. :slight_smile:

interesting and good tips.
my friend says that the storm stroke is almost canoe like in execution which i would adapt to quickly give my background there. funny, i did grasp the tips while air paddling and it doesn’t seem right, i can’t imagine doing this on water.

cheers, James

don’t grab the tips…
The sliding stroke has your hands holding the paddle in the extended paddling position across the blade rather than on the tip of the paddle. Do you have a one fist or two fist loom? Basically what you’re doing is sliding one hand down and as soon as it hits the hand on the loom, it slides out to grab the blade. It’s like a pendulum with each hand knocking the other hand into motion. Check out the sliding stroke video at QajaqUSA and especially note the strong abdominal crunch associated with this stroke.

great video
no doubt you can see the crunch in there. good pointers. i think i’ll bring it to the pool on saturday even though i have my river yak there, it should be fun just to goof around with it.

2 fisted loom
what’s the implication?