starts with a v padlle???

Man, I looked at a kayak and I forgot the brand of the paddle, I wanted to make sure it was a good one.

Velocity maybe? I know it started with a v. I went online but couldn’t find any paddles that start with v.

It had wood blades and part of the shaft was carbon. About a foot and a half wher it snapped together.

As a side note, it wouldn’t easily go together and I’m going back tomorrow to try it out but is it normal to not be able to slide the 2 piece paddle toegether? Thanks, I’m new, don’t want to get taken. Thanks for you help.

Vittuden Kanotvarv maybe?

Vivace Aktiv?

The parts should join
That said, it often takes regular maintenance with 303 or a similar product for the ferrule to slide smoothly. The paddle may just need a treatment or two to fix up the ferrule having gotten very dry.

V paddle
Sawyer V-lam?

I went back and had another look and it was a velocity. Ever heard of them? I’ve seen nothing on the net.