Startup a Kayak Fishing Club?

-- Last Updated: Aug-17-15 11:40 PM EST --

Looking for others in the Wichita, Kansas area who might have some interest in starting up a kayak fishing club. The only other club I know of in Kansas is in the Kansas City area. I envision the Wichita club to be fun, educational, and a good excuse to go 'yaking and fishing. More specifically, we could have kayak fishing contests, fish fries, fishing tackle demonstrations, guest speakers, and other events. The Club would be open to all skill levels. Age limits would have to be discussed among members due to any liability issues that may be applicable. If this sounds like something that might interest you, please email me at, and we can discuss this idea further. And if you know any other people who may not see this message, but might have an interest, by all means tell them about this idea and pass along my email address. Would like to start with at least a dozen people or more to make the organization worthwhile. The bottom line here is FUN!!!