State of MS requirements for Kayaing

I plan to Kayak the rivers in the Gulf Coast area of the State of Mississippi and Alabama. Someone told me that it is a State requirement in Mississippi that you have a WHISTLE in addition to a life jacket. I cannot verify this on internet search. Can anyone tell me what the regulations are for kayaking in the State of Mississippi?

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Not sure about the state, but they…

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usually go along with the Coast Guard who says you must have a whistle or other suitable signaling device.
It is a good idea to keep one attached to your PFD always, and they are very cheap.

Jack L

Why wouldn’t you have one?

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and a signal mirror and a light of after dark and flotation and some self-rescue capacity...

Carrying a whistle is a very common requirement among states, but more important having some kind of signal device(s) is just plain common sense for paddling. It sounds like you find this surprising. Or is it just bad wording?

As to what is required, it appears that the whistle and light requirements have much to do with whether you are paddling in areas regarded as navigation channels. Those areas come under Coast Guard rules, which include a variety of signal requirements.

That said, basic safety is something that you shouldn't need a state to tell you about.

I live in MS gulfcoast
and you need a whistle anywhere the Coast Guard has jurisdiction which would apply to many of the estuaries which the rivers run into so I’ve always got one anyway. A lot of the prime paddling areas would fall under there jurisdiction. Now that you bring it up I guess I never have seen a law saying you have to have the whistle but if a buck and a half will save an argument with a game warden I’d say it was worth it. Arguing the finer points of law with a MS game warden is rarely a good time.

If you plan on paddling in the wildlife management areas (WMA) you need a permit in many (but not all) of them. Buy it where you can buy a fishing liscense and it’s good for a year and it’s a $240 fine if you need it and ain’t got it.

You can e-mail me if you want to talk about where your paddling.

Whistle required in Alabama
So make sure you have one here too

Thanks for the WMA info. We don’t
need a permit in Georgia, but I occasionally paddle in MS and might find myself in a WMA. Will have to ask about the permit.

Don’t you need bow & stern lines to have a whistle?

Isn’t a whistle a choking hazard?

(sorry… completely kidding and a bit punchy.)

You should probably demo at least 10-15 whistles before buying.

Ryan L.