State Parks in Adirondacks

I am looking for any paddling friendly state parks in the Adirondacks where you can paddle without having to dodge motor boats and jet skis.

Are there such places?


The St. Regis canoe area, located near Tupper/Saranac lake. No motors allowed. If you mean State Campgrounds, then maybe Rollins Pond, which has something like a 9hp limit, or maybe Buck Pond.

Look in the Places2Paddle
Very, very few motors on Lows Lake and Bog Flow. Check the Places2Paddle link and surf the trip reports. I have one in there on Lows/Bog, and you’ll find lots of others. You should have no problem finding remote waterways in the ADKs.


DEC campgrounds
The DEC state parks/campgrounds that do not allow motors are currently:

Brown Tract Pond

Buck Pond

Nicks Lake

theres no motors
in the St regus wilderness canoe area or on the oswagotchie River. If you want some real remote paddling, e mail me

ADK canoe areas
The Adirondack Forest Preserve is an entity unto itself.

Try the Whitney Tract for a four or five day paddle. Its between Long and Tupper Lakes off Route 30.

Raquette River
You can put-in in Long Lake (where you might need to dodge a motor boat or the random seaplane) but then you head into the Raquette River for miles of windy, secluded paddling until you dump into Simons Pond and then Tupper Lake. It’s about a 50 mile paddle beginning to end with lots of campsites and you can do it in a 3-4 day long weekend.

E-mail me with more questions about this particular trip. I’ve done it several times.